100% Recyclable Pouches (Regular Size)


Kraft Look Matt Black Matt White


28gm ( 80mm (w) X 130mm (h) X {25mm + 25mm} (bg) ) 50gm ( 95mm (w) X 150mm (h) X {30mm + 30mm} (bg) )
70gm ( 110mm (w) X 170mm (h) X {35mm + 35mm} (bg) ) 100gm ( 120mm (w) X 200mm (h) X {40mm + 40mm} (bg) )
150gm ( 130mm (w) X 210mm (h) X {40mm + 40mm} (bg) ) 250gm ( 160mm (w) X 230mm (h) X {45mm + 45mm} (bg) )
350gm ( 170mm (w) X 250mm (h) X {45mm + 45mm} (bg) ) 500gm ( 190mm (w) X 265mm (h) X {50mm + 50mm} (bg) )
750gm ( 210mm (w) X 310mm (h) X {55mm + 55mm} (bg) ) 1kg ( 235mm (w) X 345mm (h) X {60mm + 60mm} (bg) )


We are the first to introduce 100% Recyclable flexible pouches in India. These bags are the step in the right direction for all the environment conscious business who require affordable packaging. They are available in 2 different styles and various sizes and colors.

  • Our 100% Recyclable Food Grade Stand Up Pouches without Zipper is a perfect packaging for pickles, coffee beans, tea, pulses, granola, chocolates, dry fruits, nuts, cookies, and many more food and non-food items
  • These Paper Bags are manufactured using 2 layers of Protective material (i.e., PE and Heat sealable Coating).
  • Important: The above-mentioned weight references are given in respect to the volume of Whole coffee beans i.e., if it’s a 28g pouch, it will hold 28g of coffee beans. So, if your product is sugar granules, which are much smaller compared to coffee beans that will fill a higher quantity in the 28gm bags from us. Please refer to the size guide image above for more help on the subject.

Note: These bags are made from mono plastic material, which means it only uses one kind of plastic which make them fully recyclable and promotes Zero waste future.