Three Side Seal Pouches With Zipper



Three Side Seal bags is available with a zipper and the 7g size also has a euro slot for hanging. It’s the perfect size for packing samples and many of our customers use them for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, powders, spices, etc. These tiny Three Side Seal bags are available in several color options to choose from.

  • Our Three side seal Food Grade with Zipper is a perfect packaging with a silver metalize layer inside to protect your products
  • These Laminated Plastic Bags are manufactured using 3 layers of Protective material which helps your product to stay fresh for a longer period and protects it from Oxygen and Moisture
  • Euro slots available with 7g three side seal pouches.
  • All our pouches have a LASER SCORING line near the Tear Notch which helps customers to tear the pouch easily and in a straight line
  • Comes with a Heavy-Duty Resealable Zipper and Rounded Corners making it an ideal solution for product packaging

Note: Can withstand up to 80˚C product Hot filling and Hot dipping (for pasteurization, up to 25-30 mins) temperature and -60˚C cold storage temperature.